Carlo Polidoro Lopez

Carlo Polidoro Lopez, Puro (2020), collaged painted canvas, tracing paper, oil pastel, copper paint, textile on canvas, 48 cm x 61 cm.

Carlo Polidoro Lopez, Canje (2020), photograph, 30 cm x 30 cm.

Carlo Polidoro Lopez, Corazon (2020), acrylic paint, oil pastel, pencil, sketchbook cover, gold marker and black tape on water color paper, 56 cm x 76 cm. 

Carlo Polidoro Lopez, Salinas y Lama Dulce en la Disco

(jajaja) (2020), markers, oil pastel, highlighter, pencil and caramelo wrapper on sketch paper, 30 cm x 30 cm.

Carlo Polidoro Lopez, 1991 (Aguacatate) (2020), acrylic paint, aguacate mesh and gold pencil on wood panel, 30 cm x 35 cm. 

About the Artist

Carlo Polidoro López was born in Canada and was raised in Ecuador. He is currently completing his BFA at Concordia University. His works reflect the aesthetics of the streets of Ecuador and Canada, his home countries.  They relate personal stories, memories and narratives of everyday life, and in a bigger way, bring the street experience of South American society to North America. From the mark-making, use of bold colors and text-based messages, he uses an instinctual process to allow this visual description to take life.

He creates works and finds the beauty in creating Ruins of past memories, new experiences and filter what he experiences from his surroundings.  These fragments still retain something of their origins and when placed together in new juxtapositions and narratives, the fragments of ruin become reconstituted with life. He has a light touch in the way he accepts ruin as it is and celebrates it.  He changes and adds the found items/materials in his compositions and pieces along with fragmented texts and drawing/painting elements on some works hinting at what each ruin he creates represents.

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