Natacha Girouard

Montreal, Canada

Natacha Girouard, Untitled (2020), ink and oil pastel on paper.

This series of drawings was made during the first few weeks of physical/social distancing as a response to our move towards homes and private spaces. It explores intimacy and the tension of this moment through the use of layering and screens. When drawing these figures, I felt a sense intrusion as if I was looking in on someone else's intimacy. The screens are inspired by balcony railings in my neighborhood, modernist concrete screens, and Hurvin Anderson's paintings. This project challenged me to feel the scarcity of touch in my own life as exacerbated by the social distancing measures. Drawing physical contact helped me think through its importance and murkiness. Using bright colours, during the study, feed my soul and brought joy into my space. The time spent with this project channeled some of my anxiety, confusion and excess energy.

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