Montreal, Canada

Jackie, The Illusion of America (2020), ink on paper.

Jackie, The Beauty of Woman (2020), watercolour on paper, 36 cm x 23 cm.

     My project demonstrate the psychology statement of the events in this pandemic because of the Covid-19. As we all know, there's a lot of events that happen like the Black lives Matter, police's violence, human's rights, the expression of freedom, etc. But, in this pandemic of the Covid-19, we also learn ourselves, explore new things on our own, do some sports, read some books, relax. The planet also take a break of the pollution causing by us. Our mind, our perspective of the world also change. We grow up our knowledge about situations but also about our position and what we can do, can learn. Therefore, I want to present my project as the psychology statement of the events of 2020.

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