Darren Finney

Stop a bullet shakers (2020)

Artist's website: https://darrenfinney.portfoliobox.net/

Annabelle Bessette-Frappier

Conversations with no Context (2020), Aluminum plate lithography on rag paper, 10 pages, 1/3, 9 cm par 9cm ½ 

Three introverts having none sense conversations. They considered it the best way of communication;

The first friend is the form of kink shaming 

The other friend believes she’s a human hybrid

And me I am just living in another dimension …

‘’Conversations with no context’’ is a collection of bits of conversation I can’t even explain myself. 

I really think it’s a great use of ink, time and paper to have relics of profound and thoughtful moments of friendship. 

Susan Willcocks

Consenties (2020), Silkscreen on undergarments

A reminder of the importance of getting consent. 


Artist's website: www.swillcocks.com


MÉlanie reid

Rainbow celeries (2020), plastic, paper and celery, 11 cm x 14 cm x 11cm

Museum of quarantine, Montréal

Rainbow Celeries Instructions  

Appetizer style: Only stick a toothpick in and serve. May be joined by a small recycled plate or a napkin. Cutlery can be added for more distinguished guests.

Snack style: Carry package in purse until a craving is felt. Open one celery and feed it to the hungry part. Continue the feeding until no more noise is heard.

Treat style: Keep out of the reach of children. If obedient, give celery. If not, make them be. If still not, you’re a bad babysitter. Don’t buy treats no more.

Midnight hydration style: Keep on night table and sleep. When stupendous thirst, open one eye. Pull celeries out of casing and absorb water until body inflates back to regular size.

These pre cut vegetables are a little wet. They are kind of green. A little boy enjoys them. During the night they crawl out of their packaging to breathe a fresh air. Only one. Then they slither back in and make the plastic expand a little further. Someday maybe they’ll make it off the hook. When that time comes, open your mouth while you sleep. No more flossing is needed. I Enjoy!

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