Rachel Mudrosky

This piece is a process-based lineage of artworks, each part serving as the foundation for the next: an old drawing inspires the design of a sculptural object, which in turn provokes the creation of a small triptych. The object, crafted from recycled paper, masking tape and a diaper, is meant to mimic the linework and forms found in the initial drawing. Both modest and phallic, the sculpture is then reconsidered and translated back into two-dimensional form. Drawn from observation as well as from the imagination, the sculpture becomes three drawings brought about by the interplay of stain, and the object's textures and form.

Rachel Mudrosky, Untitled (object) (2020), recycled paper, masking tape, diaper. 

Rachel Mudrosky, Untitled (2020), variable dimensions.


Drawings – Mixed media (gesso, graphite, chalk pastel, oil pastel, watercolour, ink, etc.)

Object – Recycled paper, masking tape, diaper.

About the Artist

     As a fourth year student majoring in studio arts, I am currently exploring performative
and experimental modes of expression, with a focus on figuration and abstraction. I am interested in work that emphasizes the materiality of image-making processes, where treatment of medium and surface hold a strong significance. I see artmaking as a tactile endeavor, and seek to interact with the senses – both the viewer’s and my own – ultimately to create an image that is both visceral and sincere. Visiting ideas surrounding memory, passage, trace and identity, my works portray suggestions and parts, ambiguous pieces of a greater inexplicit whole.

     Often looking at change, I underline the unfixed nature of bodies and states over time through fragmentation, incompleteness and selective rendering. Striving to create images that are at once detailed and imprecise, I play with layering, transparency, texture, and shifts between focus and blur. I consider the understated and the private, wanting to depict what exists in an internal, less overt place. This inclination towards the cryptic and personal often results in work that emanates a sense of melancholia. I rely on intuitive expression as a means of creating in a genuine way, and to allow visual imagery of an otherwise inaccessible place to emerge authentically.

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