Sandra Lamy

Montreal, Canada

Sandra Lamy, For My Next Magic Trick... (2020), Digital Photography

     Covid-19 hit us all differently. At an individual level, it has affected my mental health like a tornado. This black and white photography series highlights the depression and isolation I have felt since the beginning of Covid in mid-March. I live alone and the lack of human contact has catapulted me into a whirlwind of confusion and instability, despite my best efforts to stay grounded with a healthy lifestyle. The life I had previously crafted for myself and which I absolutely adored was taken away from me in an instant and I had to rely on my adaptability to navigate these new waters. “The new normal” took some getting used to. This series shows how I felt upside down and inside-out through this pandemic. I lost my center and my sense of identity in society, which meant I faced confinement from a place of blurred vision. After a certain point, there was really nowhere to hide and sitting in a state of discomfort was all I had.

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